Dr. James S. Kim, DDS. SC
image of teeth with silver fillings | Wausau WIimage of the same teeth after bridge and porcelain crowns | Wausau WI

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Replacing Fillings (Amalgam)

Female patient presented with old fillings (amalgam) that were leaking and broken down. Also the patient had a tooth that was not restorable due to a large cavity. Due to the nature of amalgam, the silver mercury filling leaks over time causing cavities and cracks in the teeth. In fact, due to the mercury in amalgams, it has been banned in many European countries due to its health hazards. For this specific reason, our office recommends composites for filling cavities. This patient had all her silver fillings removed and replaced with brand new porcelain crowns on the right. Similarly, the patient's left side had the silver fillings removed and replaced with a porcelain bridge which filled her missing tooth.