Dr. James S. Kim, DDS. SC

Smile Gallery: Orthodontics - Traditional Braces

Below are examples of Dr. Kim's exceptional work in cosmetic dentistry, professional whitening, dental implants, and full mouth reconstruction.

image of crooked teeth with gaps | Wausau WI
Image of the same teeth after orthodontics | Wausau WI
Orthodontics/Braces/Straight Teeth
Young teenager presented to our office with dad concerning her crooked teeth due to crowding. After all the options were discussed, orthodontic treatment was started and completed. Patient is very happy with her new smile.
underside image of crooked teeth | Wausau WI
image of the same teeth after 6 month braces & whitening | Wausau WI
Short Term Orthodontics/6 Month Braces
Young female presented to our office wanting her crooked teeth fixed. Patient was very self-conscious of her looks. The patient did not like the crowding in her lower teeth.The patient was presented with Short Term Orthodontics or 6 Month Braces as...[Read More]