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Dental Implants: Enjoy your Life to the Fullest.

November 8, 2013
Posted By: Dr. James S. Kim
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Dental Implants in Wausau, WI

Dental implants have finally have become the norm for replacing teeth in today’s dental treatment. Today with dental advancements we are not only able to replace missing teeth, but restore them aesthetically. We now have the dental technology to aid in the placing  and restoring of beautiful porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures. Dental implants are completely biocompatible screws made of titanium that fuse with the bone to act like the roots of your teeth so that porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures can be placed. If you have not given this much thought, maybe you should take a little time to ask yourself if you fit any of the scenarios below. You may be surprised how implants can change your smile for the better.  

If you are missing teeth due to following dental problems, you may be a good candidate for dental implants.


Dental Implants Can Restore Lost Teeth

This can be due to a car accident or sports injury. The teeth could not be saved or are currently missing. Just think about restoring your original teeth so you can actually smile again. You would be able to speak with confidence and eat without worrying about that denture that is loose and pop out. Just remember time is very important in restoring your teeth. The longer you go without implant treatment, the harder it is to restore your teeth. One important key point for restoring the area with implants is preserving the bone and the soft tissue that are missing due to the trauma. It is very important to note that if implants are not placed within a short time of the accident the architecture of the affected area changes. Reduction in bone and soft tissue is seen gradually as time passes. It is much easier for the restoring dentist as well as the surgeon to have the original bone and gum tissue to deliver a beautiful functioning smile. Therefore, a little proactive involvement from the patient goes a long way in the duration and the final outcome of the smile.  


Dental Implants for Congenitally Missing Teeth.

Some people are born with fewer teeth. This is usually is seen on upper teeth which are called laterals, but can be found elsewhere. The lateral tooth is located between your canine tooth and the central incisor or front teeth. Sometimes, due to genetic differences people are missing one or both laterals. Most people either have a porcelain bridge or a partial denture to replace the missing laterals. So how do implants help in this situation? If you have a partial denture, it is named a removable restoration because you have to remove at night. Furthermore, there is a lot of hardware to have in one’s mouth. Some people tend to gag easily and anything that feels more than what they have will cause them to gag. Having a fixed dental implant and the appropriate restorations can solve this problem.  Also, if your canine and central teeth are perfect, it would be a shame to cut them down for a porcelain bridge. A dental implant is definitely a more conservative dental treatment in situations like a missing lateral. The beauty of a single implant is that you can clean and maintain the new implant just like your original tooth. Brush and floss daily, and go see your dentist for your cleanings as usual.    


Fix Fractured or Cracked Teeth

Sometimes a root canal tooth will crack or fracture beyond a point a dentist can not save the tooth. Even with the best root canal treatment and the best crown, the tooth cracks and the dentist is not able to restore a tooth. In an event where a tooth needs to be removed because it is cracked or fractured, it is the perfect time to replace the tooth with an implant and a porcelain crown. Remember, you are losing bone and gum tissue when you wait too long. Less time is required if immediate implants are placed at the time tooth is removed. You can have your beautiful teeth replaced sooner. It is definitely a win-win situation for you. One surgery and less waiting for your final porcelain crown.  


Tooth Restoration Can Prevent Bone Loss

Maybe you have lost your teeth many years ago. Now you want to have a great smile where you can speak and chew with confidence. There are many options depending on what is present in your mouth. A consult can determine how to best utilize the existing foundation, both bone and soft tissue for the best dental treatment. Sometimes due to the loss of bone and soft tissue, some bone or soft tissue augmentation is required. Basically, this is creating a better foundation for the implants. So whatever restoration option you choose we can accommodate your choice whether that is a fixed denture, porcelain bridge, or porcelain crown.  


Dental Implants for Non-Salvageable Teeth

Sometimes even with most proactive interaction between the  patient and the dentist some teeth are lost due to unseen cavities. A perfect example of this is old silver fillings which leak and slowly create a cavity that is not visible on the X-ray. Unfortunately, by the time the problem is detected the cavity is so large that the tooth is beyond repair and needs to be removed. This is a perfect time to replace the missing tooth with an implant  followed by a beautiful porcelain crown. By replacing your missing tooth you can prevent the other teeth from drifting and cause your bite to change.The implant tooth will preserve the bone and gum tissue so it looks as good as or better than before. Furthermore, the new porcelain crown will look and feel even better than the old silver filling.       

If you have specific questions concerning your dental needs, please do not hesitate to call our office for a consult with Dr. Kim. Let an experienced dentist like Dr. Kim and the great staff help you achieve the most that dental technology has to offer in ways of an implant. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us today!


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