Dental Implants in Wausau, WI

Are you one of the millions of Americans with missing teeth? Are you tired of struggling with dentures that slip or simply aren’t comfortable? It might be time to give your smile a second chance with dental implants.

This innovation in restorative dentistry provides a permanent, stable, attractive solution to the problems posed by missing teeth. They look so much like your natural teeth that nobody will ever be able to tell the difference. With dental implants, you will no longer have to deal with the limitations created by missing teeth and poorly fitting dentures.

In addition to replacing single teeth, dental implants can also be used as part of a complete smile makeover or reconstruction when used with bridges and partials. Implants can also be used to help traditional dentures stay put.

The Problem of Missing Teeth

Most of our patients who come to us because of missing teeth are primarily concerned about the cosmetic stigma that missing teeth create. While we agree that the appearance of your smile is extremely important and is one of your defining characteristics, we also want our patients to understand that the problems created by missing teeth go much further and lead to a number of oral and systemic health concerns.

Trying to eat with missing teeth can be a painful exercise in frustration. In time, you may find yourself avoiding fresh, healthy foods and resorting to softer, processed foods. This can take a serious toll on your health and cause you to miss out on vital nutrients.

Missing teeth are also associated with periodontal disease. This progressive oral condition has been linked in studies to diabetes, cancer, reproductive problems, and other health concerns. Bone loss is a problem with both gum disease and missing teeth, and you may find that the shape of your face will begin to change.

Because your other teeth are forced to overcompensate to make up for the ones that are missing, you may also experience excessive wear and tear and erosion of these teeth. The extra pressure could also leads to chips, fractures, and even more missing teeth.

Choosing Dental Implants in the 54401 Area 

Dental implants are a solution to all of these concerns. The first step to getting dental implants is to call our Wausau dental office and request a consultation with Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim will perform a full examination and discuss your goals with you to help you determine whether dental implants are the right choice.

The procedure to place dental implants is performed in two steps. The first part is placing the implant, a small titanium post that is surgically implanted into your jaw and functions like the root of a tooth. While many dentists have to refer this part of the process out to another professional, Dr. Kim is able to perform the actual implantation right here in our office, making the process much more convenient for you.

Once you have healed, you will return to our office to have the crown placed on your post. This crown is designed to look just like one of your own natural teeth so that it blends in flawlessly for an attractive and functional smile.

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