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End of Summer...

August 12, 2013
Posted By: Dr. James S. Kim

Wausau, WI Dentist

August 2013


I hope everyone had a great summer enjoying all the activities that makes living in Wausau, Wisconsin so great.  As usual, summer has passed too quickly for many, including myself, so I thought I write a brief reminder for all of you concerning your dental needs and benefits.

As you prepare for school in the coming few weeks, I would like to recommend that you have your children’s cleaning and examination appointments scheduled, and if necessary complete their dental treatment before school starts. Also do not forget about the required dental forms for school for some children. These forms need to be filled out by my office. I am sure like my daughter; many of your children are involved in after school sports, so please ask about our FREE custom athletic mouth guard program.   I am adamant about my daughter wearing her protective gear, which means athletic mouth guards!

As for all the moms and dads, it is a good time to get back on schedule like your children with the cleaning and examination appointments.  Also, if you have any dental treatments that needs to be addressed, it is a good time to use up your benefits for the 2013 year. Below I have listed some more information concerning your dental benefits. If you have further questions after reading the list, please feel free to call us and ask.

  • Your dental benefits will expire on the last day of 2013.

  • The money you’ve put toward your dental insurance deductible will disappear; you will have to begin again in January of 2014.
  • If you have not seen the dentist in six months, you may be eligible for a 100% paid dental checkup and cleaning, under your dental insurance benefits.
  • If you have an incomplete or open treatment plan, you will probably spend less by completing the dental work in 2013 than if you wait until 2014, because the money you’ve invested toward your deductible will have reduced your out-of-pocket expense, but only until the end of this year.
  • All of the money patients have invested in their dental insurance deductible will go back to zero on January 1st, which are just a few months away.
  • If you’ve met your deductible or are close to it, save money next year by completing dental work this year.
  • This is the ideal time to follow-up with unfinished treatment plans.
  • Patients’ commitments increase during the winter holidays, so it’s prudent to book early.
  • The dentist’s schedule will fill up quickly between now and December, so reserve and appointment soon.

Yes another year is winding down!  The Packers are already playing! We wanted to remind you to make sure you take advantage of any unused dental insurance benefits and/or unused  flex (FSA) or healthcare (HSA) benefits you may have remaining since most companies do not allow you to carry these over to the next year. 

Call 715-849-5667 to schedule your appointment or if we can be of assistance in any way.  We’re here for you!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Our goal with every one of our patients is to help you enjoy great oral health. This means that you look good, you feel good, you have strong teeth and gums, and you enjoy the benefits of a healthy, attractive smile for a lifetime. Beautiful smiles for today and tomorrow. If you would like to make an appointment, just give us a call and we will find a time that is convenient for you. Just remember that when the clock strikes 12 midnight on December 31st, you will lose any unused dental benefits. We are happy to help you get the full benefits that you are entitled to under your dental benefits policy.

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