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Importance of dental care before/during/ and post pregnancy

March 5, 2014
Posted By: Dr. James S Kim
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Dental Care During Pregnancy 

In the last few weeks, our dental office has treated many patients who are pregnant. Congratulatory and happy times are the norm. However, for some pregnant patients, the dental visits were emergencies. The last thing an expectant mother needs is more complications caused by teeth or gums. A few recommendations can greatly aid in a pleasant dental experience before/during/post pregnancy. 


1. Keep up your dental care during pregnancy

If you are planning to have a child, a good place to visit is not only your medical doctor, but also your family dentist. Both doctors can guide you through your pregnancy so you can have the most pleasant experience. A comprehensive dental examination can determine if you will need any immediate dental treatment or can wait post pregnancy. Depending on your oral health, your dental office visits may have to be more frequent due to the hormonal changes and the resulting bleeding gums. It is very common during pregnancy, especially the first trimester for women to have gum issues, mainly bleeding and soreness.


2. Practice good oral health at home

Fastidious oral hygiene is the key to avoiding gum bleeding and soreness. Therefore, home care and cleanings at the dental office will greatly decrease the likelihood of dental problems. The best time for dental treatment is in the second trimester, so if problems do arise, the dentist can aid in having the treatment in the second trimester for the safety of the baby and the comfort of the pregnant mother.  


3. Oral health post-pregnancy 

If some dental treatments were delayed during the pregnancy, it is best to complete these dental treatments in a timely manner according to priorities so that the  problems do not get worse. Having delayed the dental treatment, it is imperative that the mother discuss what dental treatments need to be addressed with the dentist. Post pregnancy is the perfect time for reviewing new information and instructions on maintaining a healthy oral care for the newborn. Furthermore, the dental staff can familiarize the new mother with some of the dental needs for the new baby.  So a little dental planning can greatly increase a woman’s experience during her pregnancy; not only for herself, but for her newborn too.


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