Dr. James S. Kim, DDS. SC

What is teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening, as the name implies, is a procedure or process by which discolored or yellowed teeth can be made whiter. It can be done by dental professionals at a dental office or using a dentist-supervised at-home system.

Professional teeth-whitening products, unlike over-the-counter products, target the set-in stains trapped beneath the enamel. The system is customized specifically for your needs, whether you are planning to whiten at our office or at home. If you whiten at home, we will create trays from an impression of your teeth, which helps you to get the very best results. Customized trays keep the product in contact with your teeth for the full amount of time and away from sensitive soft tissues like your gums or your lips.


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Although it is possible to purchase teeth whitening kits on your own, for the best results, it is highly recommended that a cosmetic dentist custom-fit your whitening system. Additionally, we also recommend a cleaning before your professional whitening. When your teeth are free of plaque and tartar build-up, the whitening product can come into more even contact with your enamel for excellent results.

If you are frustrated by the current shade of your teeth and would like to roll back the clock on

your stains, please call our office today to schedule a whitening consultation with Dr. Kim! 


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